October 8, 2023 onecitychurch

You Need A Better Dream | Jessie Davis

Today Pastor Jessie continues in our series titled SAINTS & SOLDIERS. A series all about Who We Are and Why We Live.

Many of us grew up as Disney babies – our worldview was shaped by a combination of the American Dream and the Disney Dream. We were told from a YOUNG age. The goal of your life is to have a dream. A dream is a wish your heart makes. Believe Big. Dream bigger. And so a lot of us set out with some big DREAMS. Then we spend the next 20-60 years of our lives trying to achieve that dream.

But have you ever felt like your dream isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be? Your dream isn’t delivering like everyone said it would. You’re not happier, better or more fulfilled. But, God didn’t intend for you & I to just pursue an American Dream or even a Disney Dream. No, His Aim for our lives is that we DREAM a BETTER DREAM. We Dream a GOD SIZED DREAM.

Saints & Soldiers | Week 6


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