July 9, 2023 onecitychurch

Knockout Security | Jon Davis

Welcome to One City Church. This morning Pastor JD continues our summer series “At The Movies”. We love the movies. Something about sitting in a theater, popcorn in hand (extra extra butter of course) and the lights go dim and we get caught up in an EPIC TALE. This series is about more than movies, it’s about YOUR ROLE in the epic tale that God is writing. And YOU and I HAVE A PART TO PLAY.

This week we look at Rocky. On the surface we think the Rocky films are all about Boxing. About a fighter that kicks butt and wins and defeats his opponents! But Rocky’s greatest opponent throughout his story is not who he faces in the ring, it’s not Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang or Ivan Drago. NO! His greatest opponent is himself. His own self doubt, lack of confidence and insecurity. He is constantly fighting against himself, the man in the mirror. Today we look at Insecurity and that Jesus doesn’t want us to just live with it… He doesn’t want us to fear it and give it power in our lives any longer… He doesn’t even want us to go the distance with it… NO!… Jesus wants us to Knockout Insecurity!

At The Movies | Week 3


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