July 2, 2023 onecitychurch

Take Your Aim | Jessie Davis

Welcome to One City Church. This morning Pastor Jessie continues our summer series “At The Movies”. We love when the theater lights go dim, our anticipation rises and we get caught up in an EPIC TALE. This series is about more than movies, it’s about YOUR ROLE in the epic tale that God is writing. And you YOU and I HAVE A PART TO PLAY.

This week we look at Wonder Woman. Does your life feel as though it is hitting the mark or does it feel AIMLESS? With what God has designed you for and CALLED you to – Is your life in alignment toward the goal or is it feeling off of the rails? Jesus is in the business of DEFENDING AND REALIGNING THE AIM OF YOUR LIFE.

God feels protective over your call, church. He wants your life to be an arrow into the heart of humanity for the sake of his church and his kingdom. TAKE YOUR AIM!

At The Movies | Week 2


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