June 25, 2023 onecitychurch

I Do My Own Stunts | Jessie Davis

Welcome to One City Church. This morning Pastor Jessie kicks off our new summer series “At The Movies”. We love when the theater lights go dim, our anticipation rises and we get caught up in an EPIC TALE. But while this series is all about movies, it’s also about YOUR ROLE in the epic tale that God is writing. And you YOU and I HAVE A PART TO PLAY.

This series will highlight a different movie each week. This week we look at Top Gun. Both the original and Maverick. Today’s message is about living a life, living out your CHRISTIAN WALK in a way where:
You don’t have stand-ins.
You don’t live vicariously through others.
You don’t hand off the biggest moments in life to others.
YOU live a life where you Do Your Own Stunts.

At The Movies | Week 1


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