April 2, 2023 onecitychurch

Guardian Redeemer | Jon Davis

Welcome to One City Church! This morning we conclude our relationship series titled Uncommon Love – a study of the Book of Ruth.

In today’s culture it’s tempting to view marriage like dating. “Ya know… if it doesn’t work out… we’ll just get a divorce.” 2nd, 3rd, 4th marriages are not all that uncommon. But, God’s design for marriage is more than that. What this means is we commit ourselves fully to our spouse… forsaking all others… renouncing all other options… there is no Plan B. God created marriage to be a COVENANT and it’s not casual. God models this marriage love to us. He takes his pursuit of us so serious that He did the work of redeeming us – His Church, His Bride – long before we were ever born… before we knew we needed it. Husbands get the awesome privilege of being the pursuer and wives get the privilege of being the responder. Just like Christ does for the Church, husbands are called to Love and Protect their wives. Join us as we look at biblical marriage roles through the story of Ruth & Boaz.

Uncommon Love | Week 4


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