March 19, 2023 onecitychurch

Talk Is Cheap | Jon Davis

Welcome to One City Church! We continue in our relationship series titled Uncommon Love – a study of the Book of Ruth.

In 2023 we live in a world where what is Common is broken. Divorce rates seem to rise every year. Marriage & parenting are less important and have become an inconvenience to accomplishing our goals. LOVE has less to do with sacrifice & giving to another and more to do with our own selfish needs. We have a world that TALKS a BIG GAME about love, but doesn’t know how to love. If we’re going to have a marriage that lasts, we can’t just Talk, because Talk is Cheap. Pastor JD breaks down some practical steps we can take in our Single, Dating and Married life to have a marriage that lasts!

Uncommon Love | Week 2


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