March 5, 2023 onecitychurch

An Extraordinary Spirit In Extraordinary Times | Jon Davis

Welcome to One City Church! We are in or final week of our series titled “Babylon – Standing with Integrity in a Shifting Culture”, a study on the Book of Daniel.

In Babylon, it was said of Daniel that he had an Extraordinary Spirit. We read that the Leaders of Babylon would even say Daniel had the Spirit of God in him. This Extraordinary Spirit was the Cornerstone of Daniel’s story. For Daniel to face the Babylon of his age and Stand with Integrity, he needed the Spirit of God! For us to be able to stand with integrity in our own Babylon in 2023, we need this same Spirit! Today, Pastor JD concludes our series with a look at Daniel and the Extraordinary Spirit he had in an Extraordinary Time.

Babylon | Week 4


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