February 12, 2023 onecitychurch

Taste Test | Jessie Davis

Welcome to One City Church! This morning we kick off a new series titled “Babylon – Standing with Integrity in a Shifting Culture”.

Today, Pastor Jessie introduces us to this study of the book of Daniel and his life in Babylon. In the Old Testament Babylon was a city, but in the New Testament Babylon is a spirit. In Daniel Babylon was a locality and today it’s a mentality. In 605BC Babylon was a kingdom, in 2023 it’s a current that you and I swim in. As a Christ follower, how do we stay in the world, without becoming the world? Daniel reveals to us this timeless principle. Daniel was able to live in Babylon but he didn’t consume it. And, more importantly, it didn’t consume him.

Babylon | Week 1


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